plumvs (plumvs) wrote,

Direct sale of anime, manga and Japanese stuff

NOTE: You also have to pay shipping fees in addition to the item price. Shipping price depend on your location.

Prices are in USD. The payments I accept are Paypal, money order, or cash in USD. I ship all over the world.

Everything is brand new in near mint condition! They are all authentic Japanese goods.

Payment method accepted, payment times, my credits, and contact information are on this page.

Please email me at to order. Also give me your method of payment, country, and when you can pay. If you reply under this post, please leave your email address, otherwise I can't contact you. Thank you.


1. Tactics large wallscroll
description: made of fabric and plastic, official goods that only Japanese residents can get. This is NOT a Hong Kong-made cheap wallscroll!
size 36"/91cm x 24.5"/62cm
condition: new
price: $17 - sold


2. Magic Knight Rayearth/Tsubasa Chronicle - Mokona plushie
description: authentic licensed plushie sold in North America, high quality
size: about 9"/23cm tall sitting
condition: new without tag
price: $8 - sold


3. Gundam Seed Destiny Cagalli wedding dress pencil board
description: made of soft translucent plastic
size: 8.5"/21cm x 6"/15cm
condition: new
price: $5 - sold


4. KARAS anime DVD
description: for a full picture of the front and back cover which contain descriptions about this anime. It's stunningly-animated!
condition: new (in shrink wrap)
price: $12 - eBay


5. Japanese kimono style shirt
description: brought in a shop in Japan, a very unique and lovely shirt made of kimono fabric and metallic print, you won't find the same shirt anywhere else!
color: black
size: S-M (US), made of stretchy cotton fabric
max/stretched bust: 39"/99cm
max/stretched waist: 34"/86cm
total length: 20.5"/52cm
condition: used a few times, very clean and in good condition
price: $10 - sold


6. Japanese kimono style bag
description: brought in a shop in Japan, a very unique and lovely melon-shaped bag made of kimono fabric, you won't find the same bag anywhere else!
color: black and red
size: 11"/28cm long, 8"/21cm wide, 7"/18cm tall
condition: used a few times, in good condition with small wear
price: $15 - sold

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