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Fall anime current thoughts

F/SN UBW: fighting scenes are real treats, but storywise it haven't brought fresh excitements yet, my interest level is only so-so

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: I do not find it as stimulating as the beginning, probably because the comedy is not as funny (as Gintama), or as relatible (as Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), still waiting for a certain voice to show up...

Psycho-pass 2: more bloody than the previous season, plot is very exciting, unfortunately chearacter development has taken a backseat =/

Log Horizon 2: story is going slower than I prefer but still my fav this season

Shingeki no Bahamut: very enjoyable show with BEST ZOMBIE LOLI, rival-bromance, and prettiest last boss Lucifer (Takahiro Sakurai XD)

Gundam G no Reconguista: most annoying political set up I am so confused! Only thing clear is that main couple shipping commenced~ <3

World Trigger: main characters reminds me of MAGI lol, Osamu (Yuki Kaji XD) is not a very exciting glasses lead, also what's up with the theme song being inserted randomly in the middle of episodes o_O just put in in the beginning for god's sake!
Sheila Rozann

Fall anime premier part 2

Old shows:
- Mushishi
- Log Horizon
- F/SN
- Psycho-pass

Sold: (one show, that's it!)
- Gugure! Kokkuri-san

- Shingeki no Bahamut: nice animation
- Gundam G-Rec
- Donten ni warau: why hello there Toriumi-san!
Sheila Rozann

Fall anime premier part 1

Gugure! Kokkuri-san: weird name did not deter me from checking it out. Damn this is gonna be my comedy fill of the season. Veteran voice cast did not disappoint. Also that OP song by the guys is to die for~~

Gundam G no Reconguista: wtf is "reconguista"??? similar to but even more retro than Overman King Gainer (those signature poses in the ED lol). I will stay for a few more eps~

F/SN UBW: the shipping show starts: Rin and Archer are too perfect for each other. <3

Donten ni warau: no apparent storyline in the first ep disappoints me. =/ not gonna follow

Akatsuki no Yona: rather standard shoujo that I do not have the patience for on a weekly basis, maybe marathon later... of course lovely music by Ryo Kunihiko

Log Horizon 2: a bit worried about the large cast but moar DATABASE is always welcomed <3 Soujiro already fighting in the first ep got me too excited to make his armor. *_* 
Sheila Rozann

Regret: Berserk

welp, accidentally saw the first 3 Berserk movies... all I can say is that the story made Urobutcher look like a saint. I want my innocence back orz. I was expecting some beautiful cruelty since Guts and Griffith resembles Ryner and Sion...but the plot devices are just too heavy-handed, making the third movie into a B-rate horror flick. Definitely not my cup of tea.

Sheila Rozann

costumes under consideration

Uh oh, after the AUSA projects, I will not have much anime related costumes on my to-do list. I'm actually making more original designs to thin my exploding fabric pile (guess who just brought more $3/yd wool coating <3). But desire to make certain costumes always increases when I find clear reference pics!

660148 copy

88925Z5 copy
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Current anime following

After a while my watch list changed somewhat:

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: still going strong, I'm dying with laughter

Nobunaga Concerto: getting much more interesting once Saburo lost his history textbook, then Mitsuhide showed up!!! (so did Tomokazu Sugita lol) Can't wait for the live action version~

Tokyo Ghoul: somewhat interesting, although I can't help but feel the animation team isn't stellar

Kuroshitsuji: still going strong, more info on Ciel's dad plz *_*

Dropped Bakumatsu Rock and Tokyo ESP.
Sheila Rozann

Self photography notes vol.1

...because I'm bored by my current sewing project =P

Took the pillows off this couch lol thankfully hotel staff didn't seem to notice ahem. Oh man I spent too long editing this one since the top down lighting killed off some skin colors. So I added the skin colors back, erased the 2 lines on the couch (one went through the blade =_=). Also had to erase some shadows cast by my flash because Ashura is right against the background. So in the end this was good enough, but I was exhausted.

Got this desirable pose when I asked Kazama to do swinging pose 3273242 times, sorry dear. I like to find good poses by having the cosplayer move around, because it's really hard for models to do a dynamic pose right off the bat. The extended left hand is still a bit weird though *is a perfectionist*. Had to darken the surrounding by painting because I wanted the lights to shine brightly, but the slight uneven-ness does give off a mysterious feel I think. Erased the 18+ bracelet on left hand and some reflections off the ground. Also fixed hair/skin colors a couple times because apparently I can't find the right color balance *fail*. The reflections on glass door was really hard to erase so I left it alone >_<, but I still love this shot!
Sheila Rozann

Back from Otakon

Wow, this year was SUFFER-con, and I was in a lot of physical discomfort. But everything else went well which kept me in high spirits. Sunday afternoon, I finally entered the mental state of a zombie. Now that I have fully recovered, time to write a review post for posterity.

Cosplay-wise, I finally got to do the Chevalier thing with Reve (which required half of Friday waiting for her to get in Lia, same old same old). It's disappointing that she still haven't finished it, and the shoulder seam came apart as she put in on. But I quick fixed it with lots of magic and swearing. We are running late for a shoot so I had to cancel it. =_= We had done the 5-hour line for badge thing earlier and just decided to hit happy hour for food. Then I changed into Guo Jia and had the only private (night!) shoot of this con (already got the amazing photos ^_^). Ran into a cute girl I shot in Katsu... Later I found roomie changing into Ashura and followed her to the Clamp meet, ran into the DW cosplayers I met at Katsu. After which I decided to shoot Ashura in the Hilton. Let's see, the top-down lighting is horrible, but roomie can't walk far so I had to settle... then we got interrupted by drunks, too many of them. Annoyance, the end of Friday.

Saturday, I got into Zhang Chunhua which is all kinds of fragile while giving Reve directions on cutting the Shuichi wig I gave her. Time for the DW meet, and I had to turn down a photog's shoot request on the way. ;_; But Lynne is already there (at least I'm not the last to arrive lol). Everyone arrived one by one, and we finally moved to the Hyatt. It's shoes off time for me XD Mel took our photos, then I took single shots, but some of the cosplayers had to go *sobsob*. I actually don't like my shots here too much (background too busy, but lighting is good) so I decided to color the backgrounds when I started to edit them. My legging broke in one place expectedly, but I forgot to bring needles. After some thinking, I suddenly came to the realization that the pointy pliers would work. Voila, I didn't have to go back for the fix~ Annnnnd it was time to take photo with Yoshiki.

Later I ran into Lynne again and hung with her with a while. So happy~ Followed some DW cosplayers around until we decided to grab a bite. Time to change into more comfortable costumes, but wait, we happen to room on the same floor! XD I put on my comfy summer hanfu and started to hunt for cosplayers. Ended up grabbing a Gatchaman Crowds group for some night shoot (in the Hyatt again lol). Aaaaand ran into Robert again lol. But this shoot looked promising~ Trying to head back but there's a guy in SenBasa Oda Nobunaga!!! I took some hall shots for once and even used my video light (for the first time). Luckily some other guy was willing to flip his cape and I got epic shots. <3

Wow roomies totally passed out on bed. Sunday came and I put on a comfy pink/black outfit which a little girl called "a ninja" lol. Lynne called me to shoot her (really hot) Kazama, and we are in the Hyatt again lol. Wow she quickly attracted a horde of fan-girls. I got more serious with shooting and even tried out a "looking up" position (note: requires the cosplayer to bend forward to look good). I really liked this shoot. ^_^ Later, time to concert with Reve, how wonderful~ Then roomies gathered with Reve's friends for a meal. I died in the restaurant. While dying, I drove to our temp hotel room, showered and re-energized with some Log Horizon.

So Zhang Chunhua actually went pretty well, only the legging and shoe chains gave me problems. And I need to add clips to the heavy wig. The shoes are impossible to walk in though. *sigh*
Sheila Rozann

2014 Summer anime

That time of the year again: woah so many choices @_@

- Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun: finally a light-hearted show I can enjoy on a weekly basis
- Kuroshitsuji: I honestly don't remember what happened the last 2 seasons but gotta love the Victorian era atmosphere
- Bakumatsu Rock: guilty pleasure, because the show's quality is mediocre at best, ridiculous level is at max though

Somewhat interested:
- Nobunaga Concerto: I love the CG animation, not sure about the story quality, also the voice actor selection LOL
- P4GA: not really attached to any of the characters but watching for nostalgia
- Sailor Moon Crystal: watching for obvious reasons ahem
- Ga-Rei Zero Tokyo ESP: oops I didn't check out the background of this show, kinda generic for now
- Space Dandy: marathoned the first season and oddly hooked, must thank Suwabe-san <3

Dropped/Marathon later:
- SAO: only one new key character makes this show even more boring than before *sigh*
- Aldnoah Zero: protagonists did not make a good first impression, boring
- Shounen Hollywood: nice slice-of-life show, too slow for weekly following though